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MWNUK June 2015 Newsletter
Date: 30/6/2015

JUNE 2015

Dear MWNUK Supporter,

Hope you enjoy reading our latest newsletter.

Message from Executive Director:

As the month of Ramadan descends upon us, we are reminded that “Ramadan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur'an, as a guide to mankind , also clear (signs) for guidance and judgement.  ….” (Al-Baqarah 2:184)

It is the Qur’an’s spirit of equality and justice  that grounds MWNUK’s work and commitment to uncovering uncomfortable truths  fearlessly, honestly and independently, so that equal rights  and opportunities may be achieved for all .

Through the enquiries we receive on the Muslim Women’s Network Helpline (, 0800 999 5786) we remain informed by the voices of Muslim women and girls. And bring about real change by using our voices to speak up for those who cannot yet be heard.

There are many challenges facing Muslims in Britain today. This is both from within our communities and within wider society. Issues include; the prevalence of abuse  in its many forms,mental health issues , and Islamophobia and discrimination . In addition, Muslim women face multiple barriers , issues and levels of discrimination.

And we are all affected by the recent killings in  France, Tunisia  and  Kuwait.  MWNUK extend our  deepest sympathies  to the victims' families and and friends.

As daughters, sisters, mothers and wives, we pray :
1. That Ramadan guides us to truly believe that only  Allah is Almighty, and all human beings are equal and entitled to justice.
2.  That those suffering domestic violence, forced marriage, FGM, mental health issues and all other struggles find ease .
3. And that Ramadan brings respect, goodwill, peace, and compassion for all of humanity.

As a month of great generosity, we also implore you to donate to MWNUK to further our work in addressing the needs of Muslim women in the UK. We need your help to make a difference. 

We are a registered charity, (number 1155092) you can donate here: Or you can donate via text. To donate £5 text the following code NISA04 £5 to 70070.

In Sisterhood

Faeeza Vaid


MWNUK Launch New Website


MWNUK have launched our new organisational website:  Take a look and tell us what you think!

MWNUK Upcoming
Annual General Meeting

MWNUK will be holding our  2015 AGM i n  Birmingham  on  Friday 31 July 2015.  We’ve had another busy and exciting year with lots of interesting developments, and are looking forward to sharing this and our future plans with you.

The theme of this year's event is : Islamophobia and Discrimination- It's Impact on Muslim Women 

Agenda to include:
- Lunch and Networking
- AGM business
- Panel discussion on the impact of Islamophobia and Discrimination on Muslim Women
- Workshop on Discrimination
- Member Marketplace

Speakers to be Confirmed.

For more information please contact Faeeza Vaid on /07535 703 567

Register here : 

*Please note that this event is primarily open to members registered by 24 July 2015. If you are not a member and would like to attend, please contact Faeeza on

MWNUK Host Awareness
Raising Workshops

MWNUK delivered engagement workshops on Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence on the:
This event saw local Imams, and men and women come together.

The DCLG funded events focused on sharing information on  what forced marriage is, the consequences of cultural attitudes, and what the new law says.  Yesmien Bagh Ali  performed a powerful and dramatic monologue called  'Mitigated Circumstances'  and shared her personal experiences of these issues. We also conducted workshops on how to have these 'difficult conversations' and how to prevent honour based and forced marriage from occurring in our communities.

Photographs from the events will be available on our websitehere.

Project Manager  Shahin Ashraf  also held awareness raising training events on:
  •  Child Sexual Exploitation:  On 10th June, in Nottingham at Kahrmel Wellness's 'Domestic Abuse in Faith Communities' Conference
  •  Female Genital Mutilation:  On 24th June, at Aston Manor Academy, Birmingham.

New Animation Video
on Forced Marriage

Chair  Shaista Gohir  has created an informative and interactive  animation video  on the issue of Forced Marriage. It is an excellent resource particularly aimed at young people. Watch it  here .

MWNUK Host Focus
Group on Child Abuse

On the  15 June , MWNUK held a focus group in ‪Birmingham‬ on the issue of  Child Sexual Abuse in the family . A representative of the  Office of the Children's Commissioner  attended the meeting to hear the views of participants as part of their Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in the Family Environment in all communities. Our research and findings will go towards their final report and hope that key safeguarding strategies can be implemented to prevent such abuse from taking place ever again. If you would like to provide any views or comments do get in touch.

MWNUK Board Members'
Published Articles

  •  Veil Ban in Europe- Gender Equality or Gendered Islamophobia 
Chair  Shaista Gohir  was asked by the the renowned  International Georgetown Journal  on Inequality to write an article about the face veil ban in Europe.
In her contribution she examined the reasons routinely provided to justify face veil restrictions. She questioned whether the motivations were genuine
  •  Forced Marriages in the UK 
Vice-chair  Nazmin Akthar-Sheikh  was contacted by  Criminal Law & Justice Weekly  to write a feature. Her article focused on Forced Marriage, explaining the term 'izzat', the need for awareness raising on the issue, and the impact of criminalising Forced Marriage. To read the full article, please click  here .


the Media

General Secretary  Mussurut Zia  has done a number of media interviews discussing the  radicalisation  of British Muslim women, and whether the face  veil  should be banned following the controlled explosion in Watford, including:
  • On the 16th June on BBC Radio 5 Live tonight at 10.30pm
  • On the 19th June on BBC Radio Oxford and on BBC 3 Counties Radio

MWN Helpline

 0800 999 5786
0303 999 5786

Our national helpline aimed at Muslim women and girls who are suffering from or at risk of abuse or facing problems, operates on:

 Mondays , Wednesdays  and  Fridays  between 10am-1pm . And on  Saturdays  between  7-9pm .

We have received calls on  forced marriage, rape, domestic violence, stalking, and trafficking  (amongst other issues) this month. The helpline is confidential and you can  speak to our advisors  and even webchat live with us during these times. You may also email us on or call our mobile phone on 07415 206 936. Or visit our website on 


Government Consultations

  • Consultation on Equality between Women and Men in the EU
The  European Commission  is carrying out a consultation on  equality between women and men in the EU. The target groups are: Member States; social partner organisations; civil society organisations with an interest in gender equality issues, violence against women, and/or social issues; equality bodies; and other organisations or individuals.
This public consultation is open from 21 April until  21 July 2015 .
The consultation will be used to collect the views of a broad public in the context of the preparation of the Commission’s policy on equality between women and men after 2015.
  • House of Lords Equality Act 2010 and Disability Committee – Call for Evidence
In June 2015, a House of Lords Committee set up especially to look at the Equality Act 2010 and its impact on disabled people published a call for written evidence and invited all interested parties to submit evidence by  4 September 2015 .
The Committee was set up to look at the provisions and implementation of the  Equality Act 2010 in relation to how it serves  disabled people .


  • Man sentenced in historic  first prosecution of Forced marriage. To read the full article please click  here .
  • A year on from the introduction of  Forced Marriage  as a criminal offence, "Why are there so few forced marriage prosecutions?" To read the full article please click  here. 
  • A Muslim woman presents a  spoken word poem  speaking out against the hijacking and tarnishing of the name of Islam, by extremist militants such as  ISIS  and others. Watch  here. 
  • Muslim mother  attacked for wearing hijab  as she went to collect children from London primary school. To view the full article please click  here. 
  • Bradford mum tipped for  top screenwriting career  after landing national award. To view the full article please click  here. 

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Ramadan Message
MWNUKLaunch New Website
MWNUK Upcoming Annual General Meeting
MWNUKHost Awareness Raising Workshops
New Animation Video on Forced Marriage
MWNUKHost Focus Group on Child Abuse
MWNUK Board Members' Published Articles
MWNUK in the Media

Consultation on Equality between Women and Men in the EU

Man sentenced in first FM prosecution
Why are there so few FM prosecutions?
Muslim woman's spoken word against Extremists
Muslim mother attacked
Bradford mother gets screenwriting award

To donate £5 text the following code NISA04 £5 to 70070 

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