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MWNUK September 2014 Newsletter
Date: 30/9/2014


Dear MWNUK Member,

Hope you enjoy reading our latest newsletter:


MWNUK Welcomes
New Member of Staff

MWNUK are pleased to announce that we have filled our part-time  Project Officer  vacancy. The standard of applicants was impressive, and we would like to thank all those who applied and were interviewed.

The strongest applicant was  Nadia Ilyas,  who brings us 7 years experience working as a  Police Officer  in inner city Birmingham. This challenging role exposed her to many crisis issues affecting Muslim women, such as mental health and domestic violence, and the solutions which were available. Combined with her compassion and professionalism, we are delighted to have her join our team.

Nadia\'s role includes working on MWNUK\'s forthcoming national  Muslim Women\'s Helpline  , and coordinating 6 events in 6 cities to raise awareness on Child Sexual Exploitation.

You may contact Nadia directly to  welcome her  by

MWNUK Influence Policy-
Complain for Change

In partnership with the  Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO)  , Muslim Women\'s Network UK ran focus groups with South Asian women to find out  why  they were not complaining about public services when they face barriers and problems.
They were held in  Birmingham, Manchester  and  London  .  PHSO has used the findings to launch a  national awareness raising campaign  and produce a range of materials including posters and leaflets in different languages.  Thank you  to all those who contributed.

To find out more and request materials please visit the PHSO  website.  

MWNUK Deliver
FGM Training

National Coordinator Shahin Ashraf delivered  training  on the issue of Female Genital Mutilation to staff at St. Albans Academy,  Birmingham  . Training included; defining FGM, statutory guidelines, recognising the signs of abuse, process of disclosure etc.

Following training Learning Support Centre Manager Patricia Stiyel said:

"On behalf of the Staff at St Alban\'s Academy , I would like to thank you for the  facilitating and delivery of the FGM Training last week. The topic of FGM is challenging on all levels , however you managed to deliver the session with clarity and sensitivity to all involved...."

Inquiry Submission

The  College of Policing  carried out a consultation to inform their  Authorised Professional Practice  (APP) on the subject of  female genital mutilation  (FGM). The purpose of the consultation was to :

- Check their understanding of the  subject-matter  
- Ensure the  content, format  and  tone  are appropriate
- Draw on the  knowledge, skills  and  experience  of others to enrich the product and ensure we identify good practice based on the best available evidence
-  Raise awareness  among the wider community, FGM-affected communities and key opinion-formers of the learning material being made available to the police and general public.
  MWNUK\'s response  to this consultation can be downloaded  here  .

MWNUK in the Media

On Friday 12th September at 5pm Executive DirectorFaeeza Vaid  appeared onBritish Muslim TV\'  s \'Sister\'s Hour\'. She was interviewed by presenter Sakina Le Noir of \'Pearls of Islam\', and spoke on the topic ofEmpowerment of Women:Women in Society.  The discussion includedMWNUK, Muslim female role models  , andIslamic feminism.  

Remembering Bosnia

National Coordinator  Shahin Ashraf  visited Srebrenica,  Bosnia  this September as part of a delegation.
During the Balkans conflict of 1992-1995, Shahin was instrumental in highlighting the plight of Bosnia in USA. She regularly campaigned with Imams from the region, and helped to design humanitarian assistance programs for victims of rape and sexual violence in conflict.
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) ruled that the  mass execution  of Bosnian men and boys in Srebrenica constituted  genocide  .

In remembrance,Shahin Ashraf, her delegation, the British Ambassador for Bosnia and the mothers of Srebrenica , laid a reef at the  memorial site  in Srebrenica, Bosnia.

MWNUK Forthcoming Events-
CSE Awareness Raising

Since launching the report  Unheard Voices  : Sexual Exploitation of Asian Girls and Young Women, MWNUK has been raising awareness of key findings. The report has now been downloaded more than 3000 times. We have now produced two resources based on the report a) a  video  highlighting a victim case study b)  information pamphlet  .  These will be launched and then promoted at various events:
  • 20th October 2014 (  Birmingham  ) - West Midlands regional wide event in partnership with Birmingham City Council aimed at front line agencies and communities video and pamphlet will be launched.
  • 30th October 2014 (  Bradford  ) MWNUK Chair, Shaista Gohir, will be speaking at an event organised by the Professional Muslims Institute in Bradford on the 30th October 2014.  Other speakers include Nazir Afzal (CPS), Qari Asim and Ansar Ali. For further information:
  • 31st October 2014 (  Bradford  ) - Women\'s Consultation (in partnership with QED-UK and Just West Yorkshire for further
  • 6th November 2014 (Rotherham) - Event in partnership with Apna Haq aimed at front line agencies, third sector organisations and local communities for further
  • Three further events to be confirmed


Inquiry into Child
Sexual Abuse

The  Office of the Children\'s Commissioner  (OCC) has launched a two year inquiry into the  Child Sexual Abuse in the Family Environment  (CSAFE).
The aim if the inquiry is to find out about the  scale, scope, nature  and  impact  of child sex abuse.  The inquiry will also be looking into how agencies are dealing with cases of child sexual abuse. Findings will be used to better  prevent  ,  identify, protect  and  support  children.

The Deputy Children's Commissioner,  Sue Berelowitz  , is chairing the CSAFE National Inquiry.  She is being supported by a  national panel  , which  includes MWNUK Chair Shaista Gohir  . MWNUK would therefore like to channel your views on this issue to this national inquiry.

Please send your views to by  Tuesday 23rd October 2014.  

Self-Harm Case
Study Request

While  self-harm  is not a widely discussed topic, it is well reported that self-harm is  increasing  .

MWNUK are working with a social action research team at the  University of Abertay  in Dundee and the self-harm support organisation \'  Rebound  \' to ensure the experiences of Muslim women who have self-harmed are heard in their new project. They would like to create an  awareness raising video  on self-harm; how it affects all kinds of people, what someone self-harming may experience, and how to get through it. They have already created  \'Harm\'  which is available on  YouTube  .

If you have experienced self-harm or know someone who has, and would like to share the experience, please get in touch. We can keep your details  anonymous  and you will have full authority as to how your story is used.

  Contact Faeeza  07535703567  .

Strengthening Domestic
Violence Law

This government consultation seeks views on whether the  current law  on domestic abuse needs to be strengthened to offer better protection to victims. It is specifically focused on whether we should create a  specific offence  that captures patterns of  coercive and controlling behaviour  in intimate relationships, inline with the government's non-statutory definition of domestic abuse. The deadline is  15 October 2014  . Read more  here  .

EHRC Consultation on
Legislation Protecting Religion

The  Equality and Human Rights Commission  has launched a major  call for evidence  from individuals and organisations about how their  religion or belief  , or that of other people, may have affected their experiences in the workplace and in using the services and facilities they need in everyday life. People can give their feedback  here  .

The call for evidence will remain open for responses for two months, until  mid-October  .


Salma Bi- Cricketer
and Philanthropist

MWNUK\'s inspirational member andWorcestershire County  Cricketer    Salma Bi  was a Finalist for this year\'sBirmingham Sports AwardsandAsian Cricket Awards, after much dedication, perseverance and success in her cricket career.

Salma is also a dedicated philanthropist and will host a  World Record Breaking Event;  involving 40 women from across the world coming together to Play 5 A-Side Football (Futsal) for  30 hours straight  ! The event will be staged in Birmingham  April 4th to April 5th 2015  .  Theaim of the event is to raise 20k for a school that is to be built in Pakistan, Azad Kashmir for Orphan Children. Salma and her husband Sohail pledged earlier this year to raise funds enough to build this school, which will provide life long learning for Orphan Children & create jobs for female teachers. If you would like to support this project donatehereor contactSalma.


Ruzwana Bashir - Brave

Account of Abuse She Faced

Oxford-educated  entrepreneur  brought up in a  British-Pakistani  community shares her own story to tear down the wall of silence around the  exploitation of Asian girls  . Read more  here  .

Campaign to Remove Time

Limit on DV Cases

Abusers have been  escaping justice  by using a legal loop hole because domestic violence is prosecuted under the law of common assault which has a  time limit of 6 months  .  Shireen Jamil  , who has debilitating injuries as a result of historical abuse,  has been campaigning to abolish the 6 month time limit for prosecuting domestic violence. Shireen wants no time limit for victims to seek justice as in rape prosecutions. The Government may now consider removing time limit for prosecuting domestic violence cases. Read more  here  .

Stalking Prosecutions
More Successful

Stalking prosecutions at all time high after  new stalking legislation  introduced. Read more  here  .

More Women Needed in
Islamic Organisations

More  women  should be appointed to the  highest levels  of Britain\'s Islamic organisations to help prevent repetition of the child sex abuse scandal inRotherham, according to senior Muslim figures. Read more  here  .


1000 Londoners
- Hanna\'s Story

  1000 Londoners  is a project aimed at recording a  digital portrait  of the city by sharing stories of 1000 people associated with London.  Story 31 is about a young  British Muslim Somalian  female student who has to leave london to go and study at  Oxford University  and can be viewedhere:


Perceptions of  Muslim women in Western society  have been shaped by historical and sociological conditions such as colonialism, patriarchy and Orientalism. In Muslim Women in Britain, Sariya Contractor seeks to reinstate the Muslimah as a  storyteller  who tells her own story.

An exploration of the lives of British Muslim women, this book examines issues of  femininity  ,  Britishness,    inter-communal relations  and  social cohesion  . The incisive narratives of Muslim women include familiar topics such as the hijab, Muslim women in the media and feminist debate, particularly in a Western context.
Ann Richardson has published a book about the views and  experiences of grandmothers  , based on extended interviews with 27 grandmothers of different ages, nationalities, religions (including one Muslim) and social circumstances. Their individual voices, perspectives and stories invite readers into their day-to-day lives and their inner often unspoken thoughts. They talk about their love of spending time with their grandchildren, how being a grandmother is different from being a mother, and how becoming a grandmother affects the way they see themselves.

The book is full of joy, wisdom and some sadness from those grandmothers with little or no access to their grandchildren due to distance or difficult family relationships. See morehere.

MWNUK\'s commitment to furthering the plights of Muslim women in the UK is met with the ongoing challenge of funding our initiatives. We really need your financial support in bringing about justice for Muslim women in the UK. As a registered charity,  number 1155092)  you can donatehere.You can donate via text. To  donate 5  text the following code  NISA04 5  to  70070  

  In This Newsletter  

MWNUK Welcomes New Member of Staff
MWNUK Influence Policy- Complain for Change
MWNUK Deliver FGM Training
MWNUK FGM Inquiry Submission
MWNUK in the Media
MWNUK Remembering Bosnia
MWNUK Forthcoming Events- CSE Awareness Raising

Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse
Self-Harm Case Study Request
Consultation:Strengthening DV Law
Consultation: Legislation Protecting Religion

Salma Bi- Cricketer and Philanthropist


Ruzwana Bashir- Brave Account of Abuse She Faced
Campaign to Remove Time Limit on DV Cases
Stalking Prosecutions More Successful
More Women Needed in Islamic Organisations

1000 Londoners- Hanna\'s Story


Muslim Women in Britain: De-Mystifying the Muslimah
Celebrating Grandmothers: Grandmothers talk about their lives

To donate 5  text  the following code  NISA04 5  to  70070  

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