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MWNUK July 2014 Newsletter
Date: 31/7/2014

JULY 2014

Dear Network Member,

Eid Mubarak from MWNUK! We hope you enjoy reading MWNUK\'s latest Newsletter:


   MWNUK at Girls Summit   

On 22 July 2014, the UK hosted the first   Girl Summit   , aimed at mobilising domestic and international efforts to end female genital mutilation   (FGM)   and child, early and forced marriage   (CEFM)   within a generation. UNICEF co-hosted the event. MWNUK National Network Coordinator and Chaplain   Shahin Ashraf   spoke at the prestigious event on the   Faith Leaders Panel   . She emphasised the important role of faith leaders in tackling issues of injustice against girls, what more faith leaders could be doing, and honestly highlighted the barriers she faced as a female \'faith leader\'.

Press Statement on \'Operation Trojan Horse\'

On the 18thJuly, MWNUK released a public statement on the   Trojan Horse'   issue affecting schools in Birmingham. The underlying message was that those who have failed children should be   held accountable   . MWNUK welcomed the finding in both Peter Clarke's and Ian Kershaw's reports, that overall there is   no evidence of promoting violent extremism   in the schools investigated. Read the full statement   here   .

In the Media

On the 1stand 2ndJuly, MWNUK Executive Director Faeeza Vaid and Vice-Chair Nazmin Akthar-Sheikh contributed to radio discussions on the   ECHR decision   supporting the   French ban   on the   niqab   on   BBC Asian Network, BBC Radio Wales   and   BBC Radio 5 Live   .

Faeeza commented; I am shocked and disappointed at the ruling and do feel that a greater   infringement of human rights   has taken place-   no one   (no state included) should be allowed to dictate what any individual wears or does not wear.... provided it is not obscene or harmful to others.

Meeting with Minister for Women

On 2ndJuly 2014, MWNUK Chair Shaista Gohir was invited to a meeting with the new   Minister for WomenNicky Morgan   .  Other attending the meeting included campaigners from   Fawcett, Feminista, Object, EVAW   and   Ms Understood   . Issues discussed included: abuse women campaigners are subjected to; need to influence the Department of Education on issues related to girls and women; gender budgeting; sexual harassment in schools; and Ministers limiting vocal public support to particular topic affecting minorities (e.g. forced marriage, FGM) or issues affecting women abroad (e.g. sexual violence in conflict and FGM).  Those attending raised concerns that Ministers are not equally as vocal on sexual violence and domestic violence, although Teresa May was commended for her initiatives in the Home Office.

Civic Participation
Workshop Delivered
in School

MWNUK Chair, Shaista Gohir delivered a   workshop   to year 10s (   14 to 15 year olds   ) at a secondary school in Birmingham.  Girls were informed about different types   civic participation   such as voting; engaging with decision making and getting involved in various types of voluntary roles.  The girls also discussed what makes a good role model and who their   roles models   were.

   FGM Awareness Raising
Workshop Delivered
in School

MWNUK Chair, Shaista Gohir delivered a   workshop   to year 7 girls (   11 to 12 year olds   ) at a secondary school in Birmingham, on   female genital mutilation (FGM)   .  The presentation was modified to suit this age group.  The discussion covered:  different types; affects of FGM; prevalence; myth busting; what the law and faiths say; how to raise concerns.

MWNUK Urges Action
- How You Can Support Gaza

Like you, the MWNUK Team has painfully watched the terror that rains upon Gaza and calls for an end to the ongoing Israeli attacks. Individually, we have tried to do as much as we can, and we urge you to action as many of the following. So   Take Action   and   Support Gaza   .

CPS Guidelines for
Prosecuting Domestic
Violence Cases

The Crown Prosecution Service consulted on   Draft Guidelines for the Prosecution of Domestic Violence Cases.   These guidelines provide assistance to decision makers and professionals during prosecutions of domestic violence.   MWNUK responded   to this consultation so that needs of Muslim women are considered in new guidelines.  We highlighted a number of issues that included: women whose   immigration   status is settled but are subjected to violence being particularly vulnerable and even being re-victimised by those who should be helping them; men whose immigration status has not been settled or subject their spouses to violence including pressuring them not to report until it is settled;   victim being abused   by several members of the family;   mental health   issues due to abuse; witnesses within family; sensitivity around prosecuting barristers being friendly with defence barristers; spirit possession etc. Our full response can be found   here.   

Government FGM

Inquiry Report

The Home Affairs Committee of the House of Commons has today published its report, Female genital mutilation:the case for a national action plan.

The report includes considerations on prosecuting FGM, changes to the current laws, and better services for women and girls who have had FGM. MWNUK responded to this Inquiry consultation. Our submission may be foundhere.

Petition to Include Mother\'s
Name on Marriage Certificate

Currently, in England and Wales,   marriage certificates   include space for the name of the Father of the Bride and the Father of the Groom, with separate boxes allocated to each of their occupations. The   mothers   of the happy couple are   excluded   from this official documentation.

However, following a national campaign by activist   Ailsa Burkimsher Sadler   , which included collecting almost 70000 signatures on a   petition   and support from numerous MPs, the Home Office is now considering plans to address this inequality and include the mother's name.

We are really pleased that Ailsa Burkimsher Sadler   contacted MWNUK   recently to   thank us   .  She said used the tips she learned at the Campaigning and Advocacy workshop that was run by MWNUK Chair Shaista Gohir at the National Feminista Conference in August 2013.  You can still add your name to the petition here:


Famina Bi- A Talented Fine Artist

\'   Famina Bi   is a gifted fine artist who uses her creative talent to banish differences and misrepresentations between cultures and communities.\' Read more about her in her Desiblitz interview   here   .



Musawah is a global Muslim women's movement. See one of the latest resources to be added to their online resource library:a new draft law of   India\'s \'Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act   \' drafted by a Muslim women\'s group, the \'   Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan   (BMMA)\'. The group worked with the late and renowned reformist Asghar Ali Engineer on the draft, which is based on the Qur\'an. Read more here.


\'Like A Girl\' Video

Watch this really interesting video produced by Always' they highlight how stereotypes of girls are used by using the phrase   like a girl   in a disempowering way as an insult. This can knock confidence during puberty, which can affect girls for the rest of their lives. This video changes like a girl to a   positive affirmation   . Please   share   this with girls!

New Book: Islamophobia,
Victimisation and the Veil

   Irene Zempi   and   Neil Chakraborti   examine the experiences of veiled Muslim women as victims of Islamophobia, and the impact of this victimisation upon women, their families and wider Muslim communities. See more   here   . MWNUK Chair Shaista commented here on some of the findings.

Tell MAMA - Latest Report
on Anti Muslim Hatred

   Tell MAMA's   the latest report analyses data from May 2013 (when Lee Rigby was murdered) through to the end of February 2014. It looks at a number of trends on   anti-Muslim prejudice   and highlights a range of specific areas, which include the fact that visibility, (by wearing the Hijab or the Hijab and the Niqab), may play a role in the targeting of individuals. You can view full report here:


Challenging Muslim
Treatment of Women

   Minister Simon Hughes   says there is now less "nervousness" over challenging Muslims about wearing veils or segregating women in mosques. He urges   not to be embarrassed   in challenging Muslims treatment of women. Read more   here   .

   Asian Suffragette
Sophia Duleep Singh

   Sophia Duleep Singh   is arguably the most prominent   Asian Suffragette   in history. Although she wasn't the only Asian Suffragette, she was the most widely recognized. She dedicated a lifetime to improving the lives of women. Her activism helped to shape the beginnings of \'Desi-feminism\'. Read morehere.


Rosa\'s FGM Small
Grants Programme

Funded by Comic Relief, in Round 3, Rosa will make an estimated   8-10 grants   of between 500 and 5,000 to voluntary and community organisations for projects tackling FGM across the UK. Grants will be available for   training, mentoring, research, networking, and delivering advice, support, and awareness-raising services   .

Opening to applications on   Monday 21 July 2014   , Round 3 will close on Monday 22 September 2014. Funding decisions will be announced during the week beginning 10 November 2014.  From the launch date, the application form and guidance notes will be available on Rosa's

Please visit Rosa\'swebsitefor more info and email any enquiries

MWNUK\'s commitment to furthering the plights of Muslim women in the UK is met with the ongoing challenge of funding our initiatives. We really need your financial support in bringing about justice for Muslim women in the UK.
As a registered charity,   (number 1155092)   you can donatehere.You can donate via text. To   donate 5   text the following code   NISA04 5   to   70070   

   In This Newsletter   

MWNUK at Girls Summit
Press Statement on \'Operation Trojan Horse\'
In the Media
Meeting with Minister for Women
Civic Participation Workshop Delivered in School
FGM Awareness Raising Workshop Delivered in School
MWNUK Urges Action- How You Can Support Gaza
CPS Guidelines for Prosecuting Domestic Violence Cases
Government FGM Inquiry Report
Petition to Include Mother\'s Name on Marriage Certificate

Famina Bi- A Talented Fine Artist


Empowering \'Like A Girl\' Video
New Book: Islamophobia, Victimisation and the Veil
Tell MAMA- Latest Report on Anti Muslim Hatred

Challenging Muslim Treatment of Women
Asian Suffragette- Sophia Duleep Singh

Rosa\'s FGM Small Grants Programme

To donate 5   text   the following code   NISA04 5   to   70070   

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